PT Blueboys: Aussie Ingenuity Reshaping the Trucking Industry

In the heart of Regional Queensland, a game-changing journey kicked off when Goondiwindi-local and diesel mechanic, Darren Dillon, teamed up with his entrepreneurial missus Anna Dillon to found PT Blueboys.

What sparked this golden idea? The frustration of seeing truckies battling busted coupling connectors and being called all hours of the day to help fix the fittings.

The Dillons emerged with a groundbreaking solution – a high-grade silicone cover meticulously designed to protect coupling connectors from dust, moisture, and grit. This innovation reduces both maintenance downtime and operational costs for truck owners.

"PT Blueboys is a family-owned business challenging the status quo in the trucking industry."

The design draws inspiration from hydraulic valve rebuilding and the flexibility properties of silicone. Rigorous testing, including a dozen air hose covers, led to the development of a product that performs effectively and withstands the test of time.

"Our coupling covers are built to last; some customers have transitioned from changing fittings multiple times a year to not changing them for years when used correctly," Mr Dillon said.

All PT Blueboys products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, standing as tall as a testament to resilience, commitment to quality, and innovation.