The hidden advantages of covering your truck and trailer fittings.

In the world of truck and heavy machinery maintenance, there is no escaping the need to replace your clients' couplings. A task that to some extent can be frustrating and time-consuming.

How would you feel if we told you that there is a way to reduce the number of times you have to replace them? The simplest, yet most effective solution is to cover the fittings up with a proper cover.

Metal fittings will corrode with time, especially when exposed to moisture and harsh environmental conditions like we have in Australia. By covering your couplings, you are providing them with a protective layer that significantly reduces wear and tear and extends their lifespan.

Reducing the wear and tear of air and hydraulics comes with additional benefits:

Increased Safety for Drivers: One of the risks any truck driver faces with exposed fittings is not being able to uncouple in the event of a brake or a tire fire. If a driver is unable to unhook the unit that is on fire and pull away the prime mover or any other trailer the entire vehicle can catch fire and burn. With protected fittings you reduce the probability of the fittings getting stuck when unhooking, increasing the probability of isolating the fire much quicker.

Enhanced Performance: Dust and dirt are part of everyday trucking life, but when they get into the fittings, a simple uncoupling task can turn into a real pain in the neck. Covering up the couplings will preserve the efficiency and longevity of the equipment resulting in increased uptime and reduced operational costs.

Smoother Inspections: Although most businesses have established inspection and maintenance routines, drivers can always be pulled up by road inspectors. By proactively covering up the fittings, you are also carrying out preventive maintenance and minimising downtime risk. This, in turn, provides certainty and increases the likelihood of passing inspections and making regular maintenance visits more time efficient.